Tomorrow I have a choice to make. I have to choose which form of dialysis I would like to do. I can choose between peritoneal dialysis (at home) or hemodialysis (at the hospital).

Currently I am leaning towards the at home dialysis. I want the freedom of being able to go to work and do things normally and only having to think about dialysis at night.

I’m not going to explain the difference between the two because you can find that on any kidney related website. I’l give you a brief overview and my thoughts on it.

Peritoneal Dialysis

In a nutshell, you go for a small operation where they place a tube inside our stomach. You will have a tube coming out of your stomach so that you can do the dialysis. You then place fluid into your stomach via the tube and then a machine drains it all out during the night! This option appeals to me as I can do this process in the evenings, get into bed, watch a movie and fall asleep while my dialysis occurs. The only thing that is a bothering me is the fact that there is a chance of infection (but this is the case with most medical treatments). I also need to know if I will be able to drive, considering that the tube will be directly where my seat belt usually is.


So I am completely put off by this form of dialysis after watching a Youtube video of a woman doing this in hospital. Lets just say there are many big needles involved and a chance of bleeding. Not my thing!


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