Count your blessings

Its been exactly 4 months today since I went to my doctor and told him that I think I have diabetes because my hypochondriac sister said my sleeping habits and memory problems were not normal.

Here are few things I have been grateful for over the last four months

  • Taking my sisters advice and going to the doctor
    • I don’t like to think about what would have happened if we picked this up at a later stage. We detected my kidney failure when my function was at 10% by chance. I don’t actually know what would have lead me there if it wasn’t for my sister
  • My health
    • This might sound strange but I am very grateful for my “good health”. Sure I have kidney failure but I feel fine. Besides the nausea once in a while (that started with dialysis) and lower back pain, I feel perfectly fine.
  • My family
    • I probably have one of the most supportive families I could have ever asked for. My sister refuses to let me go to any of my appointments alone (although my memory is terrible so its better that I have her with me). None of my siblings even hesitated when I needed a donor. My brother that is a match for me is currently on a strict diet so that he can lost weight before surgery. I think a good support structure is imperative in this type of situation.
  • My doctors
    • I am very blessed to have an amazing nephrologist. One of the most important things to me is having a good relationship with my doctors. If I am not comfortable with a doctor, I will not be able to continue seeing them. I also have a wonderful dietitian and transplant coordinator. Even the nurses at my dialysis clinic are amazing!
  • My life
    • I am lucky enough to have a full time job to keep me busy in the week and family and friends that keep me occupied after work and on the weekends. I live in a beautiful city where there are always things to do.

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