The day before surgery 

It’s currently 1am and I can’t sleep. It’s the morning of my surgery. In exactly 7 hours, my dad will be going into theatre and two hours later, so will I. In approximately 13 hours, I will (hopefully) have a new functioning kidney. 

I know a lot of you have been waiting for me to update my blog, especially since the story went live in the newspaper about my dad and I (read it here). To be honest, the past few weeks I have been spending quality time with everyone I love. Not because I don’t think there’s going to be a positive outcome to my surgery, but purely because I know recovery is going to be long and tough.  

I got to the hospital today at 12pm. At first it was quite uneventful. Then I met with the nephrologist that would be handling my case while I’m in hospital, Dr Barday. He is an incredibly helpful doctor that answered all the questions I had. From pre to post transplant queries to medication help. He explained everything in a way that I could understand.

 After a quick examination, I had bloods taken. Once that was done, a nurse came in and checked my sugar levels, my blood pressure (which is incredibly high currently), my temperature and she did a ECG. After an hour, another nurse came in for swabs of my nose and groin. They do this to check for infection.

I was then given my first dose of anti rejection meds. They will be increased post transplant but these are the meds I took today.

Up next were the showers. I had no idea I would need to do this as I have had surgeries before and Iv never been asked to do this. The hospital gives you a sterilizing body wash and you need to shower with it three times before surgery. Every time I showered, I was required to put on a new hospital gown. 

So this is where I am currently in my journey. The next time you hear from me, I will have three kidneys!

8 thoughts on “The day before surgery 

  1. May ALLAH (SWA) make this surgery an absolute success for both you and your father. Ameen. My thoughts and duaas are with you. Stay Strong.


  2. I keep on “popping in” on your blog to see if there has been any update. I hope and pray everything went well and that both your dad and yourself are doing well. Its been just over 2 weeks so hopefully you been discharged soon. I think the worst about the whole transplant process is the waiting game…just waiting and waiting….whether its waiting on results, waiting on medical aid approvals, or just waiting to know if everything is ok.


    1. Thanks so much for popping in! My dad and I both came home after 6 days and are recovering well. I posted a few updates on my Instagram from the hospital and when I got home (@amiiparker). I’m busy writing my icu experience right now 🙂


      1. Thats awesome news. So happy for you guys. My dad has kidney failure and Im in the process of the workup – early days still though. Ill definitely follow the updates on Instagram. Keep well.


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